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Employment contract negotiation

Congratulations! You are on your way to that dream job with the new company. The only snag is that they’ve presented you with an employment agreement. You’ve probably reviewed hundreds of contracts in your career, but you're unsure about whether or not this agreement is in your best interest.

You're worried about whether or not your workplace rights are being protected. We can help!

What rights do you have in the workplace?

You don’t have to sign any contract in which you don’t agree to the terms. You may feel pressured to sign an agreement in order to get the job. But, do you really want to work for an employer who is bullying and harassing you before you’ve even started?

  It is illegal not to present commission information to you in writing.  

You want to make sure that the terms of your employment are clearly spelled out. If you are to receive commissions or a bonus, you need to understand how your commissions are to be calculated. In fact, it is illegal not to present that information to you in writing.

You want to understand your benefits, such as vacation and sick time, and how it is calculated. Are you eligible for vacation pay immediately, or do your vacation days accrue over time? You want to know how much down time you are entitled to and when.

Certain provisions limit your future choices.

Is your contract an “at-will” contract where you can be fired at any time without cause? Are you free to leave the company at any time? This becomes very important in the event that the job doesn’t work out the way you planned. You don’t want to be stuck in a job you hate, or subject to termination after you’ve left a steady job without any provisions for severance pay.

  You don’t want to be subject to termination without any provisions for severance pay.  

Has your employer made you sign a confidentiality or trade secret agreement? What about an agreement not to work for a competitor once you leave the employer? Those agreements are illegal! It is wrong to stop you from competing in the workplace should your relationship with your employer be severed.

Your employer may try to have you sign an arbitration agreement. Your employer wants you to sign an arbitration agreement in order to prevent you from having your claims for wrongful termination, discrimination, harassment, or whistleblower retaliation decided in front of a jury. Arbitration agreements can have a significant impact on your rights should your employer treat you illegally.

There’s a lot to consider when signing an employment agreement. You may feel overwhelmed and nervous about rocking the boat before it has even left the dock. You may not be the type of person who wants to fight. Don’t worry! We can help!

We can help you fight for justice.

I’ve drafted, reviewed, and advised employees on dozens of employment agreements. Call us. We can help explain to your rights and responsibilities of your current agreement. You can even hire us to negotiate the agreement for you for a reasonable hourly fee. That way, you can make sure that you start out with an agreement that is fair.

We want to do everything to make things easier for you. We’re here for you!

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