We’ve helped California employees recover more than $13 million.

We’ve helped employees fight for their rights for years. Some sample recoveries include:

$600,000  for a sexual harassment claim

$260,000  for a disability discrimination claim

$150,000  for unpaid overtime wages

$325,000  for a sexual harassment claim

$185,000  for a race discrimination claim

$310,000  for a unpaid overtime wages

Although each case is unique and results can’t be guaranteed, we have changed the lives of employees just like you.

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What clients say

We care about your case and needs. But don’t just take our word for it — here is what past clients have to say about our representation:

You were fair and honest. Two years later, I would do it again.

— An executive chef at a hotel restaurant who was denied overtime pay because he was misclassified as an executive employee

Melissa [is] very knowledgeable, involved, nice/pleasant to work with and professional. If you have an attorney that you have confidence in and feel comfortable, and like working with, it makes all the difference.

— A nursing home administrator who was terminated because she announced she was pregnant

Melissa knew my case well and all of the intimate details. She came extremely prepared at the mediations armed with a wealth of pertinent data. She explained our strategy and coached me during the entire legal process and mediation.

— A salesperson who was fired for complaining about unpaid commissions

Deeply appreciated how from the beginning things were explained in such a beautiful manner.

— A call center representative whose employer failed to provide reasonable accommodation for his disability

Had a very good understanding and knowledge of the law as it applied to my case.

— A call center representative who was fired after requesting medical leave